Dead Oceans Pre-Order:
Own a Piece of John Vanderslice's Romanian Names
The first 100 fans to pre-order John Vanderslice's upcoming album, Romanian Names, will each receive a limited-edition, letterpressed wallet containing a small snippet of analog tape.
This tape contains unused music from JV's master recording of Romanian Names. The tape is literally from the cutting-room floor of Tiny Telephone.
John Vanderslice and Dead Oceans grant free reign and full rights to those that receive this tape snippet by pre-ordering JV's new album. The music contained on the snippet can be used however that person may wish, and the music on the snippet will be wholly owned by that person. Splice it into other music, loop it, remix it, or simply hold it as a keepsake.
All pre-orders of Romanian Names come with a digital download of the album that can be listened to immediately.
Romanian Names will be released on May 19th (18th in the UK) on Dead Oceans.