The Luyas | The Luyas / Mr Twin Sister split 7




  1. When I Am a Woman
  2. Meet the Frownies
Press Alcove

The Luyas and Mr Twin Sister are close friends and mutual admirers, and what better way to celebrate their kinship than have each of them take up the side of a 7" single. Both songs on this 7" are exclusive to the release. Mr Twin Sister's song "Meet the Frownies" was recorded for the ongoing Weathervane Music project, while the Luyas contribute the exquisite pop song, "When I Am a Woman." Both bands enchant us with their space-age pop leanings, and together these two songs make up a perfect double A-side of sonic greatness.

(DOC057 released: 04/16/11)

  • Montuno
  • The Luyas "Montuno" directed by Mylene Simard
  • Fifty Fifty
  • The Luyas "Fifty Fifty " directed by Derrick Belcham

  • Moodslayer
  • The Luyas "Moodslayer"
  • Too Beautiful To Work
  • The Luyas "Too Beautiful To Work" directed by Derrick Belcham

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