Dead Oceans Discography

DOC001   Dirty Projectors Rise Above  CD / LP  09/11/07
DOC003   Bishop Allen The Broken String  CD / LP  07/24/07
DOC004   Evangelicals The Evening Descends  CD / LP  01/22/08
DOC005   Phosphorescent Pride  CD / LP  10/23/07
DOC006   The Explorers Club Do You Love Me? b/w Carry Me  7"  04/08/08
DOC007   The Explorers Club Freedom Wind  CD / LP  05/20/08
DOC008   Citay Little Kingdom  CD  11/06/07
DOC009   White Hinterland Phylactery Factory  CD / LP  03/04/08
DOC010   Bishop Allen Grrr...  CD / LP  03/10/09
DOC011   Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band  CD / LP  03/10/09
DOC012   Akron/Family Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free  CD / LP  05/05/09
DOC013   Phosphorescent To Willie  CD / LP  02/03/09
DOC014   The Donkeys Living On The Other Side  CD / LP  09/09/08
DOC017   Bowerbirds Hymns for a Dark Horse  CD / LP  06/19/08
DOC018   Bowerbirds Upper Air  CD / LP  07/07/09
DOC019   Frog Eyes Paul's Tomb: A Triumph  CD / 2XLP  04/27/10
DOC020   White Hinterland Luniculaire  CDEP  10/21/08
DOC021   These Are Powers Terrific Seasons  CD  10/07/08
DOC022   These Are Powers Taro Tarot  CD  10/07/08
DOC023   These Are Powers All Aboard Future  CD / LP  02/17/09
DOC024   Blackout Beach Fuck Death  LP  11/15/11
DOC025   Phosphorescent Here's To Taking It Easy  CD / LP  05/11/10
DOC026   John Vanderslice Romanian Names  CD / LP  05/19/09
DOC027   Akron/Family Everyone Is Guilty  7" / (DIGITAL)  04/18/09
DOC028   Califone All My Friends Are Funeral Singers  CD / LP  10/06/09
DOC029   Nurses Apple's Acre  CD / LP  08/04/09
DOC031   Citay Remixes  LP  11/03/09
DOC032   On Fillmore Extended Vacation  CD / LP  11/03/09
DOC033   Bowerbirds The Clearing  CD / LP  03/06/12
DOC034   White Hinterland Kairos  CD / LP  03/09/10
DOC035   John Vanderslice Too Much Time  7"  10/06/09
DOC036   John Vanderslice D.I.A.L.O.  7"  01/26/10
DOC037   Akron/Family River  7"  10/20/09
DOC038   Citay Dream Get Together  CD / LP  01/26/10
DOC039   The Tallest Man On Earth King of Spain  CD  03/02/10
DOC040   The Tallest Man On Earth The Wild Hunt  CD / LP  04/13/10
DOC041   Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Where The Messengers Meet  CD / LP  08/03/10
DOC042   Brazos Saltwater  CD / LP  05/28/13
DOC043   Nurses Dracula  CD / LP  09/20/11
DOC044   The Good Ones Kigali Y' Izahabu  CD / LP  11/09/10
DOC045   Akron/Family S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT  CD / 2XLP  02/08/11
DOC046   Destroyer Kaputt  CD  06/13/11
DOC047   The Donkeys Born With Stripes  CD / LP  04/26/11
DOC048   The Tallest Man On Earth Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird  CDEP / 12"  11/09/10
DOC050   Phosphorescent Muchacho  CD / LP  03/19/13
DOC051   Sun Airway Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier  CD / LP  10/26/10
DOC052   John Vanderslice White Wilderness  CD / LP  01/25/11
DOC053   Bishop Allen Lights Out  CD / LP  08/19/14
DOC054   White Hinterland Eidolon EP  (DIGITAL)  12/03/10
DOC055   The Luyas Too Beautiful to Work  CD / LP  02/22/11
DOC056   Gauntlet Hair Gauntlet Hair  CD / LP  10/18/11
DOC057   The Luyas The Luyas / Twin Sister split 7"  7"  04/16/11
DOC058   Akron/Family  2XLP  04/16/11
DOC059   Sun Airway Wild Palms  7"  07/19/11
DOC060   The Tallest Man On Earth 1904 b/w Cycles  7"  05/15/12
DOC061   Bill Fay Life Is People  CD / 2XLP  08/21/12
DOC062   Gauntlet Hair My Christ 7"  7"  01/24/12
DOC064   Bear In Heaven I Love You, It's Cool  CD  04/03/12
DOC065   A Place To Bury Strangers Onwards To The Wall  CDEP / LP  02/07/12
DOC066   A Place To Bury Strangers Worship  CD / LP  06/26/12
DOC068   The Tallest Man On Earth There's No Leaving Now  CD / LP  06/12/12
DOC069   Julianna Barwick Nepenthe  CD / LP  08/20/13
DOC070   Night Beds Even If We Try b/w You Were Afraid  7"  09/18/12
DOC071   The Luyas Animator  CD / NA  10/16/12
DOC073   A Place To Bury Strangers And I'm Up b/w Don't Stop  CD  10/16/12
DOC074   A Place To Bury Strangers Strange Moon  LP  04/20/13
DOC075   Night Beds Country Sleep  CD / LP  02/05/13
DOC076   White Hinterland Baby  CD / LP  04/01/14
DOC077   Mark McGuire Along The Way  CD / LP  02/04/14
DOC078   Akron/Family Sub Verses  CD / 2XLP  04/30/13
DOC079   Gauntlet Hair Stills  CD / NA  07/16/13
DOC080   Califone Stitches  CD  09/03/13
DOC081dig1   Night Beds Head For The Hills  (DIGITAL)  01/14/14
DOC082   Bleached Ride Your Heart  CD  04/02/13
DOC084   Bear In Heaven Time Is Over One Day Old  CD / LP  08/05/14
DOC085   Night Beds Ivywild  CD / 2XLP  08/07/15
DOC086   Strand of Oaks HEAL  CD / LP  06/24/14
DOC087   Phosphorescent Muchacho (Deluxe Edition)  2XCD  10/29/13
DOC088   Destroyer Five Spanish Songs  CDEP / LP  12/03/13
DOC091   Mark McGuire Noctilucence  12"  11/11/14
DOC092   Dub Thompson 9 Songs  CD / LP  06/10/14
DOC093   Phosphorescent Live at the Music Hall  2XCD  02/17/15
DOC094   Bleached For The Feel  7"  09/16/14
DOC096dig1   Julianna Barwick Rosabi EP  (DIGITAL)  06/03/14
DOC097   Bill Fay Who Is The Sender?  CD / 2XLP  04/28/15
DOC098   Greylag Greylag  CD / LP  10/14/14
DOC099   A Place To Bury Strangers Transfixiation  CD  02/17/15
DOC100   The Tallest Man On Earth Dark Bird Is Home  CD / LP  05/12/15
DOC101   Ryley Walker Primrose Green  CD  03/31/15
DOC105   Bleached Welcome The Worms  CD / LP  04/01/16
DOC106   Destroyer Poison Season  CD / 2XLP  08/18/15
DOC108   Kevin Morby Moonshiner b/w Bridge To Gaia  7"  09/04/15
DOC109   Mark McGuire Beyond Belief  CD / 2xLP  11/13/15
DOC110   Julianna Barwick Will  CD / LP  05/06/16
DOC111   Kevin Morby Singing Saw  CD / LP  04/15/16
DOC112   Marlon Williams Marlon Williams  CD / LP  02/19/16
DOC117   Strand of Oaks Hard Love  CD  02/17/17
DOC118   Califone Roomsound  (DIGITAL)  08/14/15
DOC119   Califone Quicksand/Cradlesnakes  (DIGITAL)  08/14/15
DOC120   Califone Heron King Blues  (DIGITAL)  08/14/15
DOC121   Ryley Walker Golden Sings That Have Been Sung  CD  08/19/16
DOC122   Mitski Bury Me At Makeout Creek  CD / LP  11/11/14
DOC123   Mitski Puberty 2  CD / LP  06/17/16
DOC125   Japanese Breakfast Psychopomp  CD  08/19/16
DOC132dig1   Slowdive Star Roving  Digital  01/12/17

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Star Roving by Slowdive
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Hello Miss Lonesome by Marlon Williams
Dark Child by Marlon Williams
Earth:2015 by Mark McGuire
Sons Of The Serpent by Mark McGuire


Star Roving by Slowdive

Radio Kids by Strand of Oaks

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