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Don't fear the future. These are Powers have come to conjure the new musical golden age you've been waiting for--one of insistence, intensity, and light. And yes, you can dance to it. These Are Powers are known for the dissonance of their early recordings, a cacophony of rhythms and industrial/electronic experiments that recalled Throbbing Gristle one moment, DNA the next. Once rule-breakers, the band is now rewriting those rules with a newfound focus: behold All Aboard Future. Exotic, abstract, hand-crafted sounds--made, found and electronically born--underscore each of these nine songs. Some wail from Pat Noecker's prepared bass; others stem from the idiosyncratic vocal and guitar style of Anna Barie. The two trade off vocal duties, and in the process dissonant sounds become melodies held together and torn apart in fits by Bill Salas' electro-acoustic beats. At first listen, much of Salas' rhythmic contribution sounds as if it could be pre-programmed, but these abstract rhythms are all performed live, interspersing nods to Timbaland with an appreciation for a car crash's metal-on-metal grind. Ferocious and unhinged, when These Are Powers perform live, it is a kind of spiritual journey, a futuristic fire dance hailing from Chicago and Brooklyn. The bass smolders, topping its low-end sub-rumble with a high-end flutter; abstract beats emanate from the electro-acoustic stand-up drum kit. And piercing through is Anna Barie's guitar while she and Noecker call and respond. Barie blasts through a litany of expressive guitar sounds and full-throated yelps and howls with a confrontational, explosive energy that often finds her entangled with audience members, leaping through the air, or sprawled on the floor in front of the stage. With All Aboard Future, These Are Powers have embraced collaborators, demonstrating their participating in not only a music community, but a community of ideas. The band invited 13 artists from Chicago, New York and Beijing to interpret All Aboard Future, either drawing from the musical ideas of the album or solely the album title. The artwork adorns the pages of All Aboard Future's accompanying booklet. Photography, painting, collage, text and more--the record becomes the collective expression of artists creating in many media. All Aboard Future was written and recorded in Chicago during the summer of 2008, and follows the band's 2007 debut LP, Terrific Seasons, and 2008's six song Taro Tarot. All Aboard Future is not just a new album from These Are Powers. It's a seismic shift. A new idea. And the sentiment is real. All Aboard Future!

These Are Powers kick off tour, work on new LP

These Are Powers have spent the summer in Chicago, writing and recording a new LP. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on this early 2009 release, which was recorded by Butchy Fuego at Top Cat Studio. Although the release is not quite complete, you can have a chance to hear some of it performed live when These Are Powers kick off a North American tour this week. This is a sneak preview worth seeking out.

These Are Powers will also be visiting Europe and the UK later this fall. Those dates to be announced very soon.


THESE ARE POWERS All Aboard Future Now Available For Pre-Order

THESE ARE POWERS, the Brooklyn/Chicago based trio of future primitives have announced plans for a United States tour. The dates include select performances with Abe Vigoda, Bird Names and US Girls, and begin February 25 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, wrapping up on March 27 in Richmond, Virginia. Touring in support of All Aboard Future, These Are Powers live shows are legit face melters – subsonic bass rumbles, club beats and Betty Davis-like vocal swagger – are not for the wary and should not be missed. Music for tomorrow’s peace movement never sounded so brilliantly chaotic.

All Aboard Future is now available for pre-order from Dead Oceans on CD and LP. The vinyl is 180 grams, housed in a gatefold sleeve and includes a coupon to download the songs as MP3s. We would also like to extend an apology to Sarah Wilmer, whose gorgeous photograph was not credited on the LP.

Pre-order All Aboard Future HERE.

See There Are Powers tours dates HERE.

THESE ARE POWERS gets remixed, ready a month of New York shows

As the release of THESE ARE POWERS’ debut for Dead Oceans All Aboard Future draws near, the good people at The Tripwire have dropped a remix of album cut “Easy Answers” by minimalist trance master Butchy Fuego. Get it right HERE.

Quoth Tripwire regarding Butchy’s edit: “At the forefront — as is the case in their “normal” recordings — are Barie’s vocals. Her sharp staccato annunciation and Ponytail-esque delivery is the attention grabber, but here it’s backed by a softer, almost muted accompaniment of remixed bass and percussion. Cut up with synths, hand claps and overdubs, it’s a more inviting tone for the usually much noisier music collective. Or to appropriate their words again, they are hymns piggybacking on noise collages, club beats and ragas.”

Meanwhile, These Are Powers has lined up a slew of New York shows over the next month, playing some of the city’s coolest venues and art spaces. Check the dates below:

01/23/09 Brooklyn, NY – Bell House w/ Ponytail
01/30/09 Brooklyn, NY – Danbro Studios – Brooklyn Vs. Baltimore Battle w/ Dan Deacon, USAISAMONSTER, Thank You
02/06/09 New York, NY – 92Y Tribeca w/ Bird Names
02/13/09 Brooklyn, NY – Monster Island – Art Show with Album Art
02/16/09 New York, NY – Other Music
02/20/09 New York, NY – Less Artists More Condos

These Are Powers offer first mp3 from “All Aboard Future”

We are excited to announce the first mp3 from All Aboard Future, the new album from These Are Powers, coming February 17, 2009. “Life of Birds” provides a perfect taste of the new directions These Are Powers explore on their forthcoming LP. Read what Pitchfork had to say about the song at the link below.


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